Green Car Newsletter                               December 2009 

Racing Green Endurance Undertake Gutsy All-Electric Mission

One of the oldest and toughest stretches of road in the world is the Pan-American Highway which runs for 29,800 miles from Ushuaia, Argentina on up to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  Only the most daring drivers and the toughest cars have historically been able to endure the trip along this forbidding path, which is precisely the point that Racing Green Endurance hope to make with their bid to complete the journey in their Radical SR0 electric race car.  This 500 horsepower beast will squeeze out 242 miles per charge thanks to the decision to limit top speed to 124 miles per hour during the challenge.  London, England-based Racing Green Endurance hope to draw attention to the viability of electric vehicles on long distance drives.

Britain Moves To Invest In EV Charging Infrastructure

In a decision that will hopefully inspire the American government to do the same, the British government has announced that they will spend the equivalent of more than $60 million to roll out plug-in charging stations for electric vehicles across the country.  Highlights of the plan include making access points as public as possible - including availability on public streets - as well as awarding communities with funding if they show initiative in encouraging the use of zero emissions vehicles.  Britain's goal is to bring electric vehicles into the mainstream within a five year window.

ECOS Motors Unveil Harbinger

It would seem that one of the best ways for a fledgling electric car company to get good press is to build a supercar capable of hanging with Ferraris and Lamborghinis on the race track.  Attention-getting body work and gobs of performance are part of the package found in the ECOS (Electric Cars of Springfield) Harbinger, a wild-looking roadster shown off at SEMA 2009 that can hit 60 miles per hour in just five seconds while running on battery power.  Priced at under $90,000, the Harbinger is an interesting alternative for jet-setters looking to lower their carbon footprint without reducing their fun factor behind the wheel.

BMW's Hybrid Future

In addition to their ambitious EV plans, BMW also plans to offer hybrid editions of their current vehicle lineup in the near term.  Joining the current ActiveHybrid X6 SUV and the gasoline / electric edition of the 7 Series luxury sedan will be a 1 Series compact hybrid that will feature a mild gasoline / electric drivetrain packaged in a classic hatchback design.  Prototypes have begun testing in Europe, with an eye towards delivering a finished product within the next few years.  Hybrid editions of both of BMW's other sedan offerings - the 3 and 5 Series - are also in the works.

Green Car Reports Provides In-Depth Green Vehicle Coverage

Green Car Reports provides a great resource for anyone interested in reading road tests and other reviews of environmentally friendly vehicles.  It also gathers together news affecting the green car industry, as well as tips and hints on how to make environmentally conscious decisions when buying a new hybrid or alternatively powered vehicle.  The site, edited by longtime media veteran John Voelcker is still relatively new but is well on its way towards becoming one of the more valued web resources for shoppers interested in green cars, trucks and SUVs.
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